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The purpose of this web site is to offer objective and precise comparison audio clips of home and professionnal recording studio equipment and instruments.

Realizing that there are plenty of reviews on the net, we created a recording equipment comparison website that, we think, will be useful and will give you a good idea of what instruments sound like. Of course, each guitar or bass is unique, and so is the player fingering. Keep in mind that all clips, although recorded with significant precision and care, should not be considered as an absolute and definitive impression of the item in question.

We selected several items, from affordable everyday-use gear to professional high-end studio equipment. Applying the same recording settings for each instrument was the best way to make this consistent.

We hope that this site can serve as a practical tool when deciding on the purchase of your next musical instrument or recording equipment. *Site optimized for Firefox/PC and IE6 or higher, at a 1024x768px resolution.

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Avalon VT-737sp
circuitry: tube
# of channels: 1

API 512C
circuitry: solid-state
# of channels: 1

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Peavey Tracer
posted by: rusty1