Members compressors

In this section you will find compressor audio samples posted by members. Each clip should have been recorded without any effects other than compression and in accordance with the following settings:
Audio sample Downloaded Audio Sample: Drum overheads ouput from Gear Audition

Suggested settings


- ratio = 2:1:1
-threshold = -18db
-attack = 1.0ms
-release = 300ms

- ratio = 4:1
-threshold = -23db
-attack = 1.0ms
-release = 300ms

-ratio = 10:1
-threshold = -40db
-attack = 1.0ms
-release = 300ms

*Note: Some compressors don't have the same parameters, they should have been ajusted as close as possible to the settings.
 > Compressed to 192 kHz mp3 format.

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