DJ Equipment – Making the Right Choice for Sound And Lighting


Things to Consider When Looking for the Best DJ Equipment

Whether you have already begun to DJ or are considering it as a career, you are sure to love music and all of the artistic things that come with it. Though most people think about younger folks when talking about DJ’s, there are also people who have begun a career in a different field, only to find the call of becoming a DJ too strong to ignore. If you fall somewhere in one of these groups or have your own unique situation, there are several different things that you need to consider in order to ensure that you are appropriately prepared when you start getting gigs.

DJ at a sound board

First of all, you are going to need a budget when you start shopping. Cash, credit or other funding possibilities should all be considered, including the pros and cons of each. While you want to invest in as much equipment as you can, make sure that you don’t run your finances into the ground doing so. Keep in mind that you can always add to your equipment as you go along provided that you have a solid base to build on.

The next area to address is the type of music and DJ style you intend to put forth. For example, are you wanting to focus your collection on a few particular genres while excluding others based on your personal feelings. While you don’t have to love every tune in your collection, you do need to be able to relate to the style while entertaining crowds. For instance, if your background and interests are primarily toward country, jazz and early soul music, you will have different goals than if you play the latest rap selections.

The first consideration in your sound selection will be which medium you intend to employ for your DJ’ing. Although digital formats like MP3s have a lot to offer, they can be cringe-worthy to some folks. If you choose to collect your tunes on CD, you will have even greater control over the sound that you are going to hear. Modern equipment generally includes WAV file playback. This means that you can have as much music as you want, provided that you can properly support it.

The greater the selection of tunes a DJ has to offer, the better it is for them and their customers. Though growing it will be an ongoing process, those who are partying to your music are sure to appreciate the opportunity to request their favorite songs. In order to be certain that you have the ability to grow your collection, make sure that you have plenty of hard drive disk space. Add space or change systems as needed to ensure you avoid a crash.

In fact, it is essential that you put a lot of thought and investigation into the computer that you are going to be using. If it starts to lag during a live show, you will lose your momentum and guests will grumble. If this type of problem becomes a regular thing, it can ruin your reputation. Even once with an influential crowd can create damage. If by chance your computer crashes, it will be even more detrimental to your career.

Because of that, you need to make sure that you close all other programs and choose an excellent system with a processor and RAM capable of meeting your requirements. Speak to an expert if you need help deciphering all of the various terms related to the computer strength.

No matter what kind of tunes you are playing, a high quality pair of headphones is essential so you can hear the upcoming track. Depending on the genre and venue, the aesthetic value of your headphones might also be an important aspect of selection.

As for your lighting, there are so many options that you have to choose from. While the music you are playing is designed to get the crowd pumped up and having a good time, if the room looks like a cellar, nobody is going to hit the dance floor. One of the reasons that many people prefer a live DJ over someone just playing some good mixed CD’s is because of the energy and excitement they bring to the crowd. Part of that experience is the lights.

While the venue might have some lights and sound equipment, you will need to have your own to really work with it. Laser lights are very popular these days.

Keep in mind that if you can get a gig that requires a couple of pieces of equipment you don’t yet have, you can consider renting it for the day. While making it a habit will dip into your profits, doing so for the right customers can help connect you with others and build your brand reputation. Use these suggestions to get started choosing your new equipment today!

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