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Navigating Your Way Around Micophones

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Purchasing a microphone is one of those important investments you have to make.

However, it is a perplexing situation where most people remain unaware of what a “good” microphone entails. They end up guessing and hoping the microphone in their hands is a good one. Is that the best way to go about this? Of course not! You want to be careful and make sure all details are accounted for as you make a decision.


When you make a proper decision, you won’t have to spend more money down the road.

Here is what you’re going to need to be aware of during this research phase.


It all starts with the brands.

You want to get a gist of what the leading brands have to offer and why they’re special. If you pinpoint the right brands, you’re able to get past the scammers who are trying to dupe you into buying something inferior at a higher price than necessary.

This is where you want to keep the list of brands by your side based on reputation, quality, and affordability.

Top brands include: Shure, Sennheiser, Rode, and Neumann

Keep an eye out for these, and you will end up with something that is worthwhile. Please remember, the brand is just the start of your search. Each brand has variations, and you have to find one that is going to fit in with what you’re doing. What might work for one person’s setup isn’t going to do well for someone else.

Take your time and analyze the brands before determining which one is going to do a good job. This will ensure you end up with a proper solution instead of one that leaves you wanting more.


1) Application

What are you using it for?

You need to keep this in mind because some microphones are ideal for speaking setups while others do well for singing setups. This is important, and you want to assess the various microphone performance metrics before diving in and spending money on a product.

2) Budget

Yes, your budget is going to determine which microphone is worthwhile.

Scour the market and take a look at the leading brands before spending money on one of the microphones. If you have a budget, you should stick to it because you can always find a “bang for your buck” deal out there with a bit of patience.


There is nothing more important than quality with microphones.

Quality can entail power output, connectivity, durability, and affordability. You need the complete package, and you cannot skimp on a few details in the hopes it will work out. Of course, you are going to have certain features that are watered down, but it’s all about finding that right fit.

You want to assess the reviews and take a look at what the microphone has to offer. Does it fit your needs to a tee?

If you can determine it is a good fit, you are going to feel it right away because the quality will be out of this world. You need to wait for that moment because it will come.

An excellent microphone is out there, and you have to emphasize the three points mentioned here. You want to aim for a good brand, focus on proper selection methods, and pinpoint what “quality” means in your world. As long as you do this, you are going to have a major smile on your face because the microphone is going to be a brilliant addition to your setup.

Start with these details, and you’re going to be well on your way.